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1. You enter employee time information.
2. We take take care of all the painful, boring, time consuming payroll tasks.
3. You can make changes or corrections at any time. Reprinting/fixing check(s) is a breeze.
4. Print paychecks today using your existing checks.
5. Print forms and reports on demand, in seconds.
6. We send you email alerts to remind you when to print/file forms and make deposits.
7. Getting started is a snap, add year-to-date amounts at any time in summary or detail.

PDQ is the best of both worlds! Manage payroll yourself with confidence using minimal effort.
$55.00 per YEAR!  IRS penalties are a total waste of money, avoid IRS penalties, grow your business using PDQ. Discover how managing your payroll can be an enjoyable task.
Try, our no risk FREE, 30 day trial. No credit card info required.



Do-It-Yourself Don't Do-It-Alone
Payroll doesn't have to be tedious and time consuming. But it does have to meet IRS on time performance for deposits and forms. PDQ automatically takes care of the time consuming tasks for you and also makes sure you don't miss any key dates.
100% Secure
PDQ is super secure. Data is transfered and STORED as encrypted data. Data is only decrypted AFTER it arrives at your machine and is encrypted BEFORE it leaves. Click here  to see what your data looks like when it's not on your machine.
Print Checks Today
To print checks today, you only need your basic employee information. Year-to-date information can be added at any time, in any order, in detail or summary form. There are 60 paycheck formats to choose from so you can likely use your existing stock.
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